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Either you are a new company or a company/trademark who is a leader since 50 years, first impression on your target market depends on your logo, your visiting card, your letterhead or maybe a one-page brochure. First contact, first sight is one of the most important factor that affects the future of the relationship with your customer. Due to that first meeting to be most efficient, Artermeridyen makes the best to put your company forward with designing of your logo to corporate colors, letterhead to visiting cards.


Nowadays, no matters how important are digital work and social media, printed works will never lose its significance and even it decreases. Because people likes to touch. While even designing a big prestige catalogue, price list or little leaflet we pay attention on reflecting corporate identity, having a story, using genuine and high quality visuals.


In our opinion, the important matter of a creative agency… Our constant principles while preparing an advertisement is to attract and to be original and to get out of the bombardment of all media areas like newspaper, magazine, outdoors, TV or radio spot.


It is always limited area for an agency to declare a brand, a service, a product as advertisement size, length of spot and amount of pages. That is our most strong weapon with an unlimited meaning that removes the limitation and fits into a unique frame.


Corporate website, e-trade website, micro website and mobile application… Our design and software team bring you and the world together in total harmony.


When you send us technical drawings of your produced products, how you would like to see your product with which material, which color, which light  and which angle; we present it as it is produced and as photographed. Or do you need a place for any of your work? Just your request is enough: kitchen, room, building, outdoor… We use the place with modelling every place how you think.


It is our most loved work to make short films ,which you will enjoy to watch , with montaged digital effects of visuals we take with our professional equipment. Our animations with 3D models and motion graphics are limited with your dreams.


We design stands for fairs where all competitors are together and essential for business connections.

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